Power Rankings for 11/10/15
Best Actor
P/R Last C/R Person/Film
1 2 85 Leonardo DiCaprio - The Revenant
  It feels foolish to predict someone in a movie no one has seen, but the weak field this year justifies it. The "he's due" narrative may carry him through.
2 1 75 Michael Fassbender - Steve Jobs
  Playing the maligned Steve Jobs in a maligned movie has really hurt Fassbender's chances.
3 7 70 Bryan Cranston - Trumbo
  If the movie gets seen, he will get in easily. His performance stands out heads and shoulders above the rest of the film.
4 5 65 Matt Damon - The Martian
  If The Martian sweeps in to a Best Picture nomination, as seems likely, Damon is almost guaranteed a spot.
5 6 60 Eddie Redmayne - The Danish Girl
  The movie may face resistance because of the subject-matter, but I continue to believe in his emotionally touching performance.
6 9 50 Tom Hanks - Bridge of Spies
  Hanks plays, once more, the tried and true American defender of American values, but we are quickly running out of choices.
7 4 45 Michael Caine - Youth
  The movie seems to have faded from the conversation, but its upcoming release may change that.
8 -- 40 Geza Rohrig - Son of Saul
  Sony is reportedly going all out for this film and pushing it in all major categories. This is a sleeper dark horse if there ever was one.
9 3 35 Johnny Depp - Black Mass
  This one is fading quickly, and Depp is in Deep trouble.
10 -- 30 Will Smith - Concussion
  If the movie does well, he could sneak in.
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