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Power Rankings for 10/25/06
Best Actor
P/R Last C/R Person/Film
1 -- 77 Forest Whitaker - The Last King of Scotland
  Larger-than-life roles have an inside track.
2 -- 70 Matt Damon - The Departed
  Should ride the popular wave of the film to a nomination.
3 -- 68 Leonardo DiCaprio - The Departed
  Scorsese + DiCaprio = another nomination?
4 -- 54 Ryan Gosling - Half Nelson
  A potential breakout role, if anyone will see it.
5 -- 47 Ed Norton - The Illusionist
  It's been 7 years since a nomination for one of the generation's most respected actors.
6 -- 37 Sean Penn - All The King's Men
  An Academy fave, but his film bombed hard.
7 -- 35 Toby Jones - Infamous
  Two Truman Capote impressions in a row getting nominated seems unlikely.
8 -- 29 Alec Baldwin - Running With Scissors
  Has to overcome the negative buzz of the film.
9 -- 22 Nicolas Cage - World Trade Center
  Maybe Best Moustache.
10 -- 19 Aaron Eckhart - Thank You For Smoking
  Eckhart could probably play this in his sleep.
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