Power Rankings for 10/24/06
Best Picture
P/R Last C/R Film
1 -- 87 The Departed
  The early favorite, but that's not always a good thing.
2 -- 68 Flags of Our Fathers
  Needs to make a box office splash to be taken seriously.
3 -- 62 Little Miss Sunshine
  This year's indie sensation, it has little chance at the big prize, but a great chance for the nomination.
4 -- 46 The Illusionist
  Could be an alternative word of mouth threat.
5 -- 33 The Queen
  A critical darling that could find a lot of support from the Brit members of the Academy.
6 -- 30 World Trade Center
  Notable almost totally for its subject matter - this is probably not the 9/11 film to get major recognition.
7 -- 29 United 93
  Neither is this one - it's too unconventional a movie.
8 -- 20 Thank You For Smoking
  If the awards were given out in April, this might have won.
9 -- 15 An Incovenient Truth
  This year's hot doc - which gets it a few votes by default.
10 -- 15 Marie Antoinette
  A tremendously polarizing film. It will need a Moulin Rouge-esque campaign to get back in it.
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