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Power Rankings for 12/4/17
Best Supporting Actor
P/R Last C/R Person/Film
1 -- 80 Willem Dafoe - The Florida Project
  A clean sweep of the early awards at NYFCC, LAFCA, and NBR make him hard to ignore
2 -- 75 Sam Rockwell - Three Billboard Over Ebbing, Missouri
  But it will also be hard to deny an actor of what is still the presumptive front-runner here
3 -- 70 Michael Stuhlbarg - Call Me By Your Name
  Though his performance in the Shape of Water is more meaty, that "scene" in CMBYN is arguably the film's most important one.
4 -- 65 Ben Mendehlsson - Darkest Hour
  If Oldman is in trouble than so is King George VI, but Mendehlsson still has a shot
5 -- 60 Armie Hammer - Call Me By Your Name
  Lack of competition good be good news for the dashing young actor.
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